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Fire Protection and Emergency Response Services Assessment

Follow the link below to view the Esparto Fire Protection District's Fire Protection and Emergency Response Services Assessment. 

Esparto FPD Engineer's Report 5-2-23.pdf

Why Is A Funding Measure Needed?

Esparto Fire is funded through a small portion of local property taxes, miscellaneous fees, direct and indirect funds from Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, and a static special assessment that has remained unchanged since 1997. This existing assessment does not include a cost-of-living index adjustment mechanism. Due to the lack of a cost-of-living adjustment on the existing assessment and rising expenses, the Fire District’s current revenue is not adequate to continue providing services at what is considered a safe level for the community.

Esparto Fire is primarily staffed with volunteer firefighters supplemented with only one paid firefighter 12 hours per day. Unfortunately, the number of volunteers available to respond to calls has decreased in recent years due to increased training demands, while call volumes have increased. In addition, social and economic changes in recent years have resulted in more people commuting to work outside the Fire District area, making it harder for volunteers to be available to respond to emergencies in the Fire District during typical work hours. Staffing is becoming inadequate and unsafe.

How Much Is the Proposed Assessment?

Single Family $282.77 $141.35 each
Multi-Family $117.11 $58.65 res unit
Commercial/Industrial $2,098.71 $1,050.97 acre
Office $553.27 $277.06 acre
Storage $1,541.74 $722.06 acre
Parking Lot $51.68 $25.88 each
Vacant $37.80 $18.93 each
Agriculture $7.17 $3.59 acre
Range Land & Open Space $0.42 $0.21 acre

Yolo County’s Commitment To Fire District Funding

Although the Esparto Fire District is a dependent Special District and the County of Yolo is not obligated to provide it with any funding, on April 18, 2023 the Yolo County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a Fire Sustainability Funding Proposal to provide matching funds to local Fire Districts that need more revenue, if they pass a new benefit assessment. If this ballot measure passes, Yolo County will provide $205,006 in matching funds annually to Esparto Fire on an ongoing basis. Due to the generous Yolo County funding, the proposed rate shown on your ballot has been lowered dramatically from the initial proposed rates.


What Would This Measure Provide?

The increased funding to Esparto Fire would be used to:

Ensure Rapid Response Times To 9-1-1 Emergencies

Funding from this measure would help Esparto Fire maintain and improve rapid response times. Specifically, State safety standards require that when firefighters use self-contained breathing apparatus, a minimum of 2 firefighters work as a team inside the impacted structure. A minimum of 2 firefighters must be on standby as support outside the structure to provide aid or perform a rescue. Essentially, the “2 in, 2 out rule” protects our firefighters but requires sufficient staffing levels. Funding from this measure would increase staffing within the Fire District, allowing firefighters to arrive and assemble on scene faster, effectively reducing the impact of the emergency

Hire Full Time Firefighters

With additional funding the Fire District would hire an additional full time firefighters to respond to all emergencies. The Fire District would maintain a 2 person engine, 24/7, 365 days a year responding to emergencies at time of dispatch.

Provide Updated Firefighting Equipment For Our  Community

This measure would support improved maintenance, repair, upgrade, and/or replacement of outdated fire apparatus and equipment that are not up to current safety standards. Additionally, funds would maintain and improve the community Fire Station to support 24-hour staffing.

Protect Your Property From The Increasing Threat Of Wildfires

Part of our community’s greatest threat is wildfires. The Fire District needs to increase its preparedness to protect properties in the wildland urban interface.

To Learn More

The Districts will be holding the following public meetings regarding the proposed Fire Protection and Emergency Response Services Assessment:

Esparto Fire Protection District will be hosting the following meetings:

Public Fire Commissioners’ Board Meetings

June 8, 2023, 6:00pm

July 13, 2023, 6:00pm

Esparto Fire Station, 16960 Yolo Ave., Esparto, CA 95627


Town Hall Meetings

May 23, 2023, 6:00pm

June 14, 2023, 6:00pm

Esparto Community Hall (Scout Cabin), 17020 Yolo Ave., Esparto, CA 95627