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Website Accessibility Compliance Report

Reporting Period: May 2022

Compliance Snapshot

Overall website score: 99%

At the time of this report, 99% of the pages on this website meet accessibility requirements

Number of pages scanned: 227

This website currently has 227 pages that are accessible to the public. All of these pages were scanned and evaluated in preparation of this report.

Pages in the process of remediation: 5

This website currently has 5 pages that require remediation to meet full compliance.

View list of pages that require remediation  

Focus areas for remediation

We have identified these issues on some pages for remediation, and we will provide an update and improvement in our next monthly report.

View list of focus areas for remediation  

Accessibility Progress Snapshot

Number of pages remediated this month: 0

Throughout this month, 0 pages on this website were fixed.

Number of images remediated this month: 0

Throughout this month, 0 images on this website were fixed.

Accountability Snapshot

Website Accessibility Officer

Telephone: (530) 787-3300

About this Report

The scores reported on this page are compiled using various open-source scanning technologies, including Lighthouse. Note that perfect scan scores do not quarantee a perfectly accessibility site for every type of disability.